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Find and rate accessible places that meet specific needs for mobility, vision, hearing, and cognitive disabilities.

Ability App is based on community reviews,

because we’re all in charge of improving accessibility and inclusion.

Find The Details You Need

Cognitive Ratings


  • Sound sensitivities
  • Light sensitivities
  • Scent sensitivities
  • Visual noise levels
  • Crowd sizes
  • And more!

Mobility Ratings


  • Accessible ramps and doorways
  • Accessible bathrooms
  • Accessible lodging
  • Nearby public transportation
  • Automatic doors
  • And more!
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Vision Ratings


  • Staff educated to understand people with vision disabilities
  • Braille menus, maps, and signs
  • Service animal relief areas
  • Background noise levels
  • Visual noise levels
  • Access to assistive technologies & devices
  • Availability of electronic ordering systems
  • And more!
Ability App on mobile device

Hearing Ratings


  • Staff educated to understand people who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Sign language spoken by staff
  • Service animal relief areas
  • Background noise levels
  • Visual & audible noise Levels
  • Access to assistive technologies & devices
  • Availability of electronic ordering systems
  • And more!

How Does It Work?

Users can research accessibility at public spaces such as retail stores, restaurants, hotels, parks, theaters, and more, from any computer or mobile device.


Opening Doors

When you create reviews with the Ability App, you are providing a road map for all people to find accessible spaces, giving businesses a direct connection to customer needs, and promoting inclusion in your community. Visit App.TheAbilityApp.com to start using Ability App today!

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Promote Inclusion

Find Accessible Public Spaces

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Hear Your Customers’ Needs


We’ve heard from so many people, sharing their stories about what the Ability App means to them.
We are so exited to share Ability App with people around the world!

I am a paraplegic… Ability App takes the worry out of traveling for me! I will know if the bed height in a hotel is low enough…, if the entrance to a business is accessible, if there is accessible parking for my van! I was so happy to see whether or not a hotel also had a pool or spa lift! So great! This is life changing!
Jenny B.
I have been blind for 14 years. Just to know what restaurants have Braille menus is so amazing (so that my friends don’t have to read the entire menu to me or shout the menu out to me because the restaurant is so loud, which is really embarrassing). To know what spaces are quiet so that I can have a better conversation with my friends. To know where there are service animal relief areas, is just beyond words. Thank you!
I am Autistic and I am sensitive to loud noises, crowded places, certain smells, and bright lights… I look forward to being able to go out more because I will know what to expect and what places will work for me. Thank you for helping people who have different needs.”
I’m a 33 yr old man with a complete T7 Spinal Cord injury paralyzed from the chest down… I’m very outgoing, but not knowing the obstacles that I can find stops me from going out on my own… I have to make phone calls or send emails ahead of time sometimes they don’t even reply. I’m really looking forward to having ABILITY APP!”

In The News

It’s been a wild ride since our founder, Alex Knoll, came up with the idea for the Ability App. We’ve been lucky to receive great support, advocacy, and press through the last few years of development to get us to this point in the process.


Here are a few videos from some of the friends and supporters of Ability App:


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NBC Nightly News


Paralympic Games



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