A Welcome From Alex Knoll

Photo of Ability App founder, Alex Knoll, Age 14

A Welcome from Alex Knoll

Welcome to the first official post of the Ability App blog, Together, Unstoppable!


We recently launched our first version of the Ability App – a tool to help identify accessible locations for those with vision, hearing, cognitive, and mobility disabilities – based on over six years of effort to bring an idea to reality. That timeline has been full of learning, new friends, unexpected surprises (some great, some not so good), and a whole lot of trial and error. But any struggles we’ve encountered have been nothing compared to the stories of challenge and perseverance we’ve heard along the way, from groups we’ve met with who are advocating for change and people who have written to tell us their personal experiences with accessibility.


That is what has kept my parents, a handful of volunteers, and me going as we’ve pieced together this first iteration of our larger vision. And it’s what keeps us working to expand the Ability App to meet the wants and needs of the people we hope to serve, delivering a tool that enhances knowledge, understanding, access, and our ultimate hope, quality of life.


One of my greatest learning experiences, since that first invention competition in 2014, has been learning how many people are working across this world to help others – thousands upon thousands of efforts, some small and local, some government-run, and still others with aspirations for worldwide impact. What they all have in common is people dedicated to making improvements in the areas of accessibility and inclusion. It is each of these efforts that make me most excited, and grateful – they make me aware that change is not only possible, it is inevitable.


I know the Ability App is just one small part of the overall push for global improvement in accessibility, awareness, and inclusion. But I also know that with the support of the millions of other people pushing for change, we are together, truly unstoppable.


All the best, 



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