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Ability Ambassadors advocate for inclusion by helping to make the Ability App a trusted, valuable asset for people with disabilities around the world. Anyone can be an Ability Ambassador, whether you have a disability or are one of the countless many who know, love, care for, or work with someone who has a disability. Whatever the case, Ambassadors help increase independence, choice, and comfort for people with permanent, temporary, or situational disability.

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Featured Ambassador:
Hannah Munro, OTD OTR/L

We recognize Hannah for developing a detailed accessibility guidebook to guide our ratings system. Thank you, Hannah!

“As an Occupational Therapist, I work with patients daily who could benefit from Ability App. I became an Ability Ambassador because I know the app will benefit countless people as well as my patients by allowing them to look up accessible locations conveniently from their phone and or desktop.”

-Hannah Munro, OTD OTR/L

What Do Ability Ambassadors Do?

Review! Review! Review!

More Reviews = Higher Quality Ratings = Greater User Trust

Ability Ambassadors are active reviewers who know how to rate a location. Having coffee with a friend? Capture a review & snap a photo. Running to the store? Take a minute to rate accessibility. Going out with a group? Get everyone to review the location. Simply take note of disability-friendly features where you live, work, play, and travel. It’s fun, easy, and free!



Challenge yourself to rate places with no or very few ratings. And take LOTS of photos (and add comments, too, for our users who are visually impaired). Listings without ratings or photos won’t instill confidence in someone who is nervous to venture out. Join our Ability Ambassador email list, become part of our Ability Ambassadors Facebook group, and check out our Ambassador Resources below for more information.



Ambassador tip! Challenge your co-workers to review their lunch or coffee spots for a week.

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Join or Organize a Map-a-thon

One of the highest impact roles an Accessibility Ambassador can take is volunteering to lead a Map-a-thon (when it is safe and appropriate to do so in regards to COVID-19). Map-a-thons are events that bring together a large group of people to achieve a whole lot in a short time. If you’re ready to take on this challenge, we’re here to provide guidance, tips, and resources. Let us know! 

Ambassador tip! Suggest a map-a-thon as a community service project for your school, church, sports team, etc.


Increasing awareness is essential to making the Ability App a useful product to those who need it. Tell people about us, reach out to your favorite businesses, recruit more Ambassadors, share your successes and number of reviews in our Ambassador Facebook group, and use the app to plan inclusive outings.


We also invite and encourage your social mentions, links, & shares:






Ambassador tip! Help 5 people access the app and teach them how to use it. Then challenge them to do the same!

Friends Mapping Accessibility

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Accessibility Guide

Download our detailed accessibility guide to be a highly informed reviewer.

Accessibility Guide (Screen-reader Friendly Version)

Download our detailed accessibility guide to be a highly informed reviewer.

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