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For Your Business

We want to partner with business owners and managers of public spaces to promote the importance of accessibility and the potential of inclusive accommodations, design, and services.

“As a company we feel great about the changes we have made to our business to make it more accessible. Creating and maintaining inclusive spaces has become a source of pride for all of our associates. The great news for other managers out there is that nearly all of the changes that we made took very little time and cost very little money. Making your spaces accessible doesn’t always need
to be expensive.”
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Shayla S.
Retail Store Manager

A Few Simple Facts

  • According to the World Health Organizationover one billion people (15% of the world’s population) experience some form of disability, with one-fifth (between 110 million and 190 million people) experiencing significant disabilities.
  • The disability market is the size of China, with $1.2 trillion in annual disposable income.
  • There are 2.3 billion friends and family of people with disabilities.
  • Together, these two groups control over $8 trillion in annual disposable income
  • These numbers do not include temporary and situational disabilities such as broken limbs, limitations due to medications, concussions, infections, stress, and more. 

  • With an aging population that has greater access to medical supports and assistive technology, the number of people looking for accessibility is steadily rising.  

The disability market is massive and growing.

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Ability App Window Cling in a store window

Is Your Business Ready?

You are likely missing out on customers without even realizing it.


It’s easy to dismiss accessibility as too costly for your business. But when compared to the market you’re missing out on, the cost of an upgrade can be quickly recouped.


Something else to consider is that accommodations offer additional benefits. For instance, automated doors are considered more convenient and sanitary, they can lower heating & cooling bills, and they appeal to delivery people with their arms full. Ramps are appreciated by people in wheelchairs, but also by people with rolling suitcases, strollers, or carts. Accommodations can also broaden your potential applicant pool. And don’t underestimate the value of being deemed inclusive by an increasingly connected world. 


The Ability App is a simple solution for connecting with the disability market, hearing their concerns, and learning how your business can reach new potential customers

How Can Businesses Participate?

The Ability App has the greatest positive impact when businesses participate. There are a number of ways this can be done.



Rate your business

Why not get your location’s listing up and running with an accurate self-review and photos? Show people what your business offers with your own photos and comments, and reach new customers! Download our helpful reviewer’s guide to get started (also available in a screen-reader-friendly version).



Invite your customers to share feedback & rate your location.

Build up the value of your listing to users by increasing the number of reviews.



Listen to your customers

Keep an eye on your reviews. There is a lot of valuable insight to be gained from user reviews and comments. Engaging with current customers, and with potential customers who face barriers, is the best way to learn what your business could do to create greater accessibility and higher satisfaction. 



Adapt where possible

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but even small changes can have a big impact. We encourage businesses to learn from users, learn more about accommodations, and take steps to improve and promote inclusion. We’re happy to point you in the direction of guidance, vendors, and helpful resources, such as our guide, 20 Ways to Make Your Business Accessible.



Share with us!

If your business makes an update towards greater accessibility, let us know! We are happy to update information in recognition of efforts to improve accessibility.



Report problems

If you become aware of a problem with your listing, contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I claim my business?

Not yet, but this feature is planned in future development. You can, however, create a user account and update photos on your business, add comments and rate the accessible features of your business.

Can I be alerted to reviews of my location?

Not yet, but this feature is planned in future development. In the meantime, you can use the app to check your reviews.

How do I review my business?

Check out our page How to Review Locations. Invite your customers to submit reviews as well! Businesses may not pay for positive reviews, but why not offer a discount to people who submit a review of your business? 

What if I make an improvement to accessibility?

Let us know! Ability App works best when it’s up-to-date. We’ll do our best to confirm the improvement and update the app. Also, be sure to add new pictures to your listing.

How do I get a window cling?

We provide window clings to businesses that support accessibility, offer a variety of accommodations, and support the inclusion movement. We assess this based on ratings or by visits to your location. Contact us for more information!

Ability App window clings signal that your location supports accessibility, offers a variety of accommodations, and supports the inclusion movement. We assess this based on ratings, or visits to your location.

Advertise With Us!

Contact us if you’re interested in advertising opportunities, either as an accessible business or a vendor of accessibility accommodations.

How Can We Help?

Let us know if you have questions or comments! We would love to hear from you!

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