Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find the Ability App? It was important to us to maximize accessibility, so we focused our first release as a browser-based web app to include people without mobile phones.


When will the Ability App be available as a downloadable app?

The first version of the Ability App is only available through browsers and can be bookmarked on desktop or mobile for quicker access. We will be bringing the app to app stores soon!


How do I create an account?

Check here for a quick video on how to create an Ability App account.


Where can I use the Ability App right now?

We’ve made the Ability App available globally, following interest from people around the world. We will be adding languages to expand access.


How do I submit feedback or questions on the web app?

Your feedback is so important! Please direct questions and comments to or via our survey.


I’m excited for the full potential of this app! What can I do to help?

We are excited, too! The more reviews the app contains the more useful it will be to others, so just reviewing is a huge help. We welcome anyone who wants to be an Ability Ambassador, helping to spread the word & organize reviewing efforts. Check out our Ability Ambassador page for more information!



How do I rate a location?

Instructions for using the Ability App to rate locations can be found on our website page, How to Review a Location. We also have a helpful video.


How do I add photos?

Photos are added to the Ability App by selecting the camera icon next to the item you are reviewing. If you are on a mobile phone, the button will launch your camera and allow you to instantly add photos. You will be given the option to share the photo to other ratings as you see applicable. 

Note, if you take the photos on a mobile device with a plan to upload them to the app later, this functionality is currently only available via desktop. You will need to log in to the Ability App on desktop and then upload the photos that are saved to your phone. We will be enhancing this functionality in a future update.  

How do I approach a business to get a review?

We view businesses as partners in the process of improving accessibility. When reviewing, we find it helpful to tell others what we’re doing and why. Not only does it help employees and owners understand your goal, but it also raises accessibility awareness and offers a chance to encourage more users of the Ability App. 

How do I submit a location review?

Submissions are immediate. When you enter a rating, it is immediately reflected in three areas: the rating for that particular item (example: Parking), the rating for that category (example: Mobility), and the overall accessibility rating for that location. 


How do I find a location?

Locations can be found by entering the location name into the search bar, or by using the search categories to view types of businesses/locations.

Why can’t I find a location I’m looking for in the Ability App?

Sometimes you may need to enter a bit more information to pull up a location, such as the city. Giving the app access to your location will improve your ability to find nearby businesses. 


Where are the location reviews?

The Ability App is crowdsourced, which means data comes from people around the world who enter their experiences with a location including ratings, photos, and comments. Since the Ability App was released only recently, we’re asking people to review as often as possible, as well as looking to business owners and employees to rate their workplaces, as a way to increase the amount of useful data in the app. If you have a city that is lagging in location reviews, check out our Ambassador page to find ways to increase reviews in your area!