How To Review Locations

How To Review Locations

Follow these simple steps to provide the best quality reviews.

Let’s Get Started!

Anyone can review or “map” a location. The more reviews the app has, the more valuable the ratings are to people with disabilities. Photos and comments can be particularly useful.


Click here to view our “How to Review a Location with the Ability App” Video.


If you would like video instructions on “How To Sign Up For An Ability App Account” click here.


The app uses a simple 3-part rating system that was designed to be accessible by people of all abilities. The ratings can be generally applied as follows:

  • Happy face = the location has the specific accommodation in place, it works, is maintained properly, and is overall a good experience for a user. Example: Braille menus are available, advertised, and easy to get. Make a comment about the menu quality and add a photo to the app for caregivers, friends and families to view.
  • Neutral face = the location somewhat meets the accommodation, but it could be improved. Example: Braille menus are available, but this isn’t advertised, the waiter doesn’t know where they are, the menu options don’t match the non-braille options, there is only one menu and it’s in poor condition, etc. This is a great time to give a business owner helpful feedback via the comments icon!
  • Sad face = the location doesn’t offer the accommodation or has impediments that prevent the accommodation from being accessible. Example: Braille menus are not available.

It’s OK to leave things blank. If an item doesn’t apply, such as a food-related question for a bank, leave it blank. Or, if you don’t know or didn’t have time to assess that particular item, leave it blank.

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Photos and Comments

We can’t emphasize this enough. Take photos & leave comments. People love being able to see accommodations for themselves. And comments are so helpful for people relying on descriptions.

But Who Am I To Rate Accessibility?

Consider this: if a business doesn’t have basic accessibility, many users with disabilities won’t even be able to independently get to the point of reviewing a location from the inside.

We need your access! 


Consider this: when you factor in the range of permanent, temporary, and situational disabilities, plus the challenges of aging, the chances that we don’t all know someone who has a disability becomes next to non-existent.

We need your voice! 


Consider this: we’re not looking for perfection, or legal experts, or building code inspectors (although we won’t turn them away!). We’re looking for common sense. If you’ve got that, we want to hear from you.

We need your input!


To learn more about specific accommodation requirements, download our detailed guide on how to review a location. Or download our screen-reader-friendly version

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How Can I Help?

  • Launch the web app any time you’re in a public space & submit a review. Set a goal of rating a location a day.
  • Share the Ability App on your social channels.
  • Be an Ability Ambassador! Organize a group of friends, coworkers, teammates, your school, your church, etc. to map your city.
  • Give us feedback! The Ability App is here to serve. We want to learn and grow and improve. Your input and experience makes the Ability App better for everyone.
  • If you are a business owner, engage your customers to learn more and invite reviews of your location.

What Else Should I Know?

Here are some tips for new reviewers (see our Terms of Service for more detail):

  • Be aware of your surroundings! Don’t put yourself or others into harm’s way while using the App, taking photos, etc. 
  • Don’t falsify data, reviews, or photos! That helps nobody. While it can be frustrating to a user or a business, it can also put someone’s health or safety at risk. Users who do this will be removed from the Ability App; businesses who do this will be flagged in the app.
  • Don’t slander! Improving accessibility is a process and inclusion works best when we are respectful. Users who violate this rule will be removed from the Ability App.
  • Have fun! 

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